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And yes, actually; Leon would have alphabetised (*alphabetized) the whole list. That's exactly what he'd have done. 

By the way, if you felt, or are currently feeling, a strong desire to go back and count the number of entries in the list - or you actually read the WHOLE list - you've probably got some degree of moderate-to-serious OCD yourself. (You might want to seek some help for that. Just saying.) 

Sorry, what was I talking about? Oh yes, if you want to get in touch about Dark Comedy in general, or my novel in particular, then do so. Our friendly team of operators are standing by, ready to respond to your messages. (And by team of operators, I mean me, of course.) 

PS The answer is 206. Go ahead, check, we'll wait.

'Mermaid' characters are shown by kind permission of the artist, Snik.

Find out more about Snik's amazing stencil-based street artwork here: Visual Dirt 

If you a Reader (or Writer) of Dark Comedy novels (aka Black Humour novels) please get in touch. I'm keen to hear from other lovers of this genre. What are your favourite books? Who are your favourite authors? (Personally, I love the work of Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Rankin, Bruce Robinson, Colin Bateman, Thomas Pynchon, Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, Steve Tesich and the like.) 

What do you look for when you want a new Dark Comedy title to read? Are there any particular tags you search for? Besides 'New Dark Comedy Novels' I tend to look for 'Quirky; Surreal; Weird' or 'Odd' plus 'Amusing; Funny; Humorous; Wacky' - or, if I'm feeling especially optimistic: 'Laugh Out Loud'. 

My novel, Barnacle Brat (a Dark Comedy, obviously) is about an odd-to-begin-with young man, Leon Blank, who suffers from an over-active imagination - a really vivid one. Constantly at odd with the world around him - particularly the tough Manchester estate where he lives - he keeps lists; perhaps trying to maintain some kind of control over his increasingly strange and difficult life. Then again, keeping lists might just be a part of his OCD. 

Me, I don't make lists - no, really; the book isn't an auto-biography! But if I were to ask Leon to create one for this novel it would probably look a lot like the following:


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